'I don't want to be walking the streets' say the pensioners facing homelessness as charity struggles

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People living at sheltered housing sites across the West Country face an uncertain future as 13 homes have been earmarked for closure.

Four homes in Cornwall and three in Devon, run by charity The Abbeyfield Society, are under consultation amid rising energy costs and inflation.

A week ago residents at Abbeyfield House in St Austell got a letter saying it might not be their home for much longer due to financial difficulties.

One person living at the home said: "I hope they find me somewhere to go. I don't want to be walking streets."

David Kibble, another resident, said the letter had made him "a little bit" nervous.

"I'm worried where I am going to go. It all depends on if I can afford it. I can't live with my daughter she ain't got the room. That's what worries me," he said.

Allison Abaza's dad Michael now lives at Abbeyfield House, after facing homelessness earlier in his life.

She was at the meeting bosses had with residents, but said Abbeyfield had let them down.

"There was no conversation at all, really. And to be honest, it wouldn't have made a difference if it was just in a letter.

"I would have thought, particularly with vulnerable people and Abbeyfield focusing their resource on people, they would have dealt with things slightly differently.

"As it was, people were signposted to a poster on the information board with a telephone number. But a lot of people here don't know what the consultation means.

"They don't know what it entails. They don't know who to get hold of. They have no information to be able to have their voices heard," she said.

In total seven homes in Cornwall and Devon have been warned of potential closure including Tresillian House in Falmouth.