Watch the moment Lewis Capaldi invites teenager on stage to sing duet at intimate Bristol gig

  • Watch Yasmine's performance.

A singer-songwriter from Chipping Sodbury has spoken out about the moment she was invited on stage by Lewis Capaldi.

Yasmine Kabbara-Dolby, 17, joined the Scottish ballad singer in a duet of Someone You Loved at the Marble Factory on Wednesday 24 May.

The intimate gig began with a Q&A session during which Yasmine raised her hand and asked to join Lewis in a song.

Yasmine held up a banner to catch Lewis' eye Credit: Shamsi Kabbara-Dolby

She said: "It was the craziest experience. I don't remember a lot of it so I'm glad that people were filming it.

"All I can remember is how bright the lights were and how hot it was on stage. I was looking out and then I thought 'No I need to look at him.'"

When she met Lewis for the first time four years ago, Yasmine's stepdad had just undergone a double lung transplant.

Capaldi's music video for Someone You Loved focuses on organ donation, giving it a special significance for Yasmine and her family.

She first met him at a gig in 2019, when she asked him to sign some stickers and posters campaigning for Organ Donation.

Yasmine, who studies Songwriting at BIMM, added that she had loved Lewis' music ever since Someone You Loved was released.

"The thing that scared me most was actually being on the stage next to him rather than how many people were there watching," she said.