'Go at your own risk' - police warning ahead of Gloucester cheese rolling

  • Watch the full interview with Detective Chief Superintendent Arman Mathieson here

Gloucester’s annual cheese rolling competition is back but police have warned people about the dangers of the event. 

Hundreds of people are set to head to Cooper’s Hill in Brockworth this Monday 29 May for the unofficial competition.

People from all over the world attend to witness people chase the Double Gloucester cheese down the steep hill. The cheese can reach speeds of up to 70mph and the first person to reach the bottom of the hill wins the cheese. 

The event has no official organisers and so emergency services will not be in attendance. It comes after a public safety group concluded it is “unsafe”.

The first to get to the bottom of the hill wins the cheese Credit: PA Media

Detective Chief Superintendent Arman Mathieson said: “We’ve had the safety advisory group chaired by Tewkesbury Borough Council. That group has discussed the safety of the event and the group have deemed the event is unsafe.

“So we’re warning and informing people who are attending that this is at their own risk. Take normal precautions and measures and if you need help call 999.” 

DCS Mathieson also said the event has had a heavy impact on traffic and travel in previous years, so “there is the chance of an impact on local and strategic road networks like the M5 motorway”.