Tributes to Plymouth shooting victims available to view at city museum

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Tributes to the victims of a mass shooting in Plymouth are available to view at a city museum.

After the tragedy in Keyham in 2021, many people left touching messages on green hearts at The Box in the city centre.

Archivist Claire Skinner says keeping the artwork is an important part of processing the trauma.

The art was created by visitors to The Box in the weeks after the tragedy in 2021. Credit: ITV News

"I think in the aftermath of something so terrible, everybody feels helpless and like they want to do something to be able to express sympathy for people who are grieving,' she said. 'It does seem to be a sort of fundamental human thing.

"It's what The Box is all about, preserving the past to help people in the future understand what happened.

"If you don't preserve things, you lose your memory. The Box is sort of like the corporate memory of the people of Plymouth. So I think it's vital to keep this sort of archive for the future."

Lee and Sophie Martyn, Maxine Davison, Kate Shepherd and Stephen Washington lost their lives in Keyham in August 2021. Credit: ITV News