Hundreds flock to popular Wessex Folk Festival in Weymouth

Performers take to the stage at the Wessex Folk Festival. Credit: ITV News West Country

The Wessex Folk Festival has made a return to Weymouth this weekend, with hundreds of visitors flocking to the town to enjoy the entertainment.

The event is held annually and has been taking place for the past 20 years.

It is one of the biggest free festivals in the UK, held on the picturesque Harbourside in Weymouth from Saturday 3 June to Sunday 4 June.

Organisers say the sunshine and the fact the festival has fallen within half-term has made this year's celebrations even more successful.

Organisers hailed the event as a success. Credit: ITV News West Country

Bob Ford, Chairman of the Wessex Folk Festival, told ITV News West Country: "It's been fantastic.

"We got huge crowds for Saturday and again, the same today. And actually today we're joined by our American cousins because there's a cruise ship in the harbour, so they're enjoying it as well."

The festival plays host to some of the best folk acts from the UK, as well as local performers.

The headliners of the festival this year was Merry Hell, an eight-piece folk-rock band with a reputation that has spread far and wide from their base in Wigan, Lancashire.

The weekend's celebrations also included Morris dancing, with almost 20 different groups performing at the Harbourside.

Morris dancers at the Wessex Folk Festival Credit: ITV News West Country

Steve Griffiths, West Somerset Morris, said: "There are amazing numbers of people, I think it's helped that it's half-term.

"It's going wonderfully. The sunshine has actually made the day so much better than it was last year when we had clouds and rain."

The festival is also an opportunity for artists to gather at local pubs and similar venues to perform together.

Mike Jacobson, one of the performers, said: "Yesterday I went down to a couple of sessions in the Sailors and played in the blues session there.

"Everybody was joining in, it just encourages everybody to play. You know, I'm only an amateur and there were lots of really good players there who were just encouraging you."