Carer has to have leg amputated after motorbike crash on way to work

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A popular carer from Worle who had to have his leg amputated after a motorbike accident says he could not be more thankful for the support he has received.

Curtis Buca, 33, came off his bike on Badminton Road in Yate on 22 May. He suffered a broken pelvis, collar bone, femur, ribs and an amputated leg.

Mr Buca cannot remember anything about the incident, but police have arrested a man on suspicion of careless driving causing serious injury and drug driving. He has since been released under investigation.

Mr Buca said: "I'm just thankful and grateful that I'm still here. I'm determined to get back on my feet and start helping other people again.

"It's overwhelming how kind and generous people have been. It's so nice. I couldn't be more thankful to everybody."

Credit: Stacey Hitchens

Mr Buca's girlfriend Stacey Hitchens has set up a fundraising page to help his recovery and make adjustments at home. More than £10,000 has been raised and carers and bikers who the pair have never met have donated money.

Ms Hitchens admits it has been a difficult two weeks. She has spent every day in Southmead Hospital since the accident.

The fundraising page said Curtis "always puts others first" and is someone all his friends can rely on.

It says he is "devastated" he won't be able to walk their dog, Ruby, for a while.

"He loves his festivals and travelling," it reads. "This hit him really hard after having to accept that these plans have to be cancelled for this year and the forseeable future."

Curtis and Stacey on a recent holiday in Egypt Credit: Stacey Hitchens

Stacey told ITV News West Country: "We're a couple that goes to festivals, holidays, take our dog Ruby for a walk. To know that we won't be able to do that for a long time is really hard to accept.

"I feel like I don't want to do any of those things because he can't. It's just hard to accept normal life is not going to be normal anymore."

She says she is overwhelmed by the amount of support they have received and cannot wait for Curtis to return home.

You can donate to the fundraiser here