Wiltshire Police Operation Sceptre sees 'samurai swords' and 'machetes' left in amnesty bins

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Samurai swords and machetes were among the blades handed in during a Wiltshire Police knife amnesty campaign.

More than 400 bladed articles were thrown into bins around the county as part of Operation Sceptre, which aims to reduce crime in the region.

Figures from the Office for National Statistics show 308 serious offences involving a knife in Wiltshire in 2022, a 14% increase on the previous year.

Most recently Owen Dunn and Lee Turner, who were both from the town, died as a result of stabbings.

Speaking about work behind the amnesty, Detective Inspector David Tibbett said: "439 weapons have been handed in across the county, the community have really gotten behind this initiative and its meant we've gotten all these weapons off the street to be destroyed.

"A lot of kitchen knives have been handed in. A few samurai swords, some machetes, an axe, and even some ceremonial swords - it is surprising what people have in their homes.

"We don't know who's handed in these weapons because it is anonymous.

"This campaign has been about raising awareness for knife crime and the dangers as well the impact it has on the community."

David has helped to run the campaign for several years encouraging people to give up their blades.

He added: "It's important for the families of victims and also emergency staff who respond to it - the ripple effects are just massive."

"We have plans to put permanent surrender bins in Swindon - that should be happening in the next two to three months."