Free tennis balls on Exmouth Beach in memory of the ‘goodest of good boys’ 

Pet owners were encouraged to help themselves to a tennis ball Credit: Devon County Council

A box of tennis balls was left at Exmouth Beach for dog owners to help themselves, for a very touching reason. 

The box of tennis balls was accompanied by a note that said: "Rex loved the beach, Rex loved the ball. Please feel free to take a ball for your dog and I hope you all enjoy this place as much as we did.

"Rex - sleep well, my ginger prince. The goodest of good boys."

Devon County Council shared a photo of the box on Twitter and called it “a lovely gesture”. 

Conservative MP for East Devon Simon Jupp said: "This is truly heartwarming."

The photo got a lot of comments from members of the public. One person said: "So nice… but so sad, thank you, Rex." 

Another said: "I’m not crying, you’re crying. On my way to scoop up my own favourite blonde boy to take him to the beach."