The care home in Cheltenham getting residents back on the bike and out in to the community

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A care home in Cheltenham has been helping its residents stay in touch with their community by getting them out riding on a trishaw bike.

The specially adapted trishaw has a seat for two meaning that residents of Lilian Faithfull Care homes have been able to make trips with volunteers and care home staff along the cycle routes in the area.

It is the only one of its kind in the county and has helped residents, some of whom have mobility issues, enjoy the outside with friends and family members since 2019.

Speaking about just what it has given people, staff member Kelly Richardson says: "Freedom, fresh air and fun.

Gaynor Trott and Kimberley Hobbs out enjoying a ride on the trishaw bike.

"It gives them a lift and something to talk about. Some people have never seen it before and it is a bit unusual.

"It just gives them a chance to get outside, to see different things and to relax.

"At the end they go back and they all talk about. They love interacting with the community and waving at people as they go by and it is just really heart-warming to see."

For resident Gaynor Trott it has given her a chance to get back out on the cycle paths. She said: "It is lovely, being able to see the green and feel the fresh air. Being able to go on and the smell of where we are is just beautiful.

"We get a lot of good reactions from people as well which is always nice."