Gary Lineker joins Michael Eavis to celebrate new social homes near Glastonbury Festival site

New affordable homes have been unveiled around the corner from the festival.

Presenter and footballing legend Gary Lineker joined the organisers of Glastonbury Festival to celebrate the completion of 20 new affordable homes on land donated by the family.

Glastonbury Festival founder Micheal Eavis says the project is what he is most proud of after starting work on it 30 years ago.

"Pilton is really important to me," he said. "It's where I was born, where I have lived man and boy, where I have brought up my family, and, of course, it has been home to the festival for more than 50 years now.

"With rural house prices so often out of reach for local people, these houses give villagers, most of whom are working families who live around here, the opportunity to live here for the rest of their lives at a social rent."

There are now more than 50 properties on the site, including houses, bungalows and flats, which are set to help people living locally.

Mr Lineker said: "I think it's amazingly important and if it could be replicated around the country by other folk as generous as Michael Eavis and his family would be extraordinary and make such a difference because obviously we've got a housing crisis and it really needs addressing in some way and maybe this is something they could perhaps learn from."

The ex-footballer and Match of the Day presenter planted a tree with Michael Eavis’ grandchildren at the site, named Maggie’s Farm, just around the corner from where the festival takes place.

Speaking about the festival ahead of its return next week, he said: "I can't imagine the organisation that goes on behind. Aside from sport is there anything the vastness in terms culturally or in the world than Glastonbury?"