Parents of Barnaby Webber killed in Nottingham attacks thank the people of Taunton

Barnaby Webber's parents thank the people of Taunton at a vigil.

The parents of Taunton teenager Barnaby Webber say he will live in their hearts forever.

David and Emma Webber made the emotional tribute at Barnaby's cricket club in Taunton where his friends had gathered for a vigil.

Emma Webber said: "We wanted to say a huge heart felt thank-you to Bishop's Hull Cricket club for everything you have done.

"This is his home town, this is his home cricket club. We have had enormous support from all the people in Nottingham and it has been hugely appreciated, but these are his faces, these are his people and we just needed to come and pay our tributes to the place where his cricket club have put his tribute."

Barnaby Webber was stabbed to death in Nottingham.

The 19-year-old was stabbed to death in Nottingham in the early hours of Tuesday 13 June along with a fellow student Grace O'Malley-Kumar and school care taker Ian Coates.

People in Taunton have been laying flowers at the Taunton cricket club since the news of his death became public.

At the vigil, Barnaby's friends shared memories of his sense of fun and kindness.

Members of the community gathered at Barnaby Webber's local cricket club in Taunton.

One friend said: "He was such a happy lad. When I was with him he pushed me out my comfort zone and made me do so many things. I have so many happy memories because of him."

Barnaby's father David Webber said: "Just hearing the stories of the love for him and how people called him the glue that kept people together was just incredible.

"I am lost for words really."

A memorial for Barnaby Webber has been created at his local cricket club.

On Monday 19 June, Barnaby's parents will make the journey to Nottingham to bring his body back home to Somerset.

"I think the hardest thing we had to do was when we left Nottingham on Friday, because we knew that we were leaving him there," said David Webber.

"We drove past the hospital were he is and I found myself just looking at the hospital and saying goodbye to my boy and telling him I will bring him home soon."

Valdo Calocane, 31, has been charged with three counts of murder and three counts of attempted murder.