Exeter Chiefs men and women celebrate trophy success with open top bus tour

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Exeter Chiefs celebrated a double trophy winning season with an open top bus tour through the city.

The men's and women's squads showed off their silverware and thanked fans who lined the streets.

Jack Innard reflected on an 'up and down' season. Credit: ITV News

Mens captain Jack Innard told ITV West Country it had been an 'up and down' season.

"Obviously, winning the Premiership Cup was great for the club but in terms of finishing in the league, it wasn't where we wanted to be, but the depth of players that we able to bring on this year was incredible. So hopefully that will put us in good stead for next year."

With several experienced players on the way out, the Chiefs could be entering a period of transition.

Exeter Chiefs men's team are seeing several experiences players on the way out. Credit: ITV News

Prop Danny Southworth said: "We're sad to see a lot of those boys leave, but hopefully us younger boys can really move forward and push on with the club."

Iwan Jenkins added: "The fans are always great in home games away games, it means so much to us and it drives us on. The turnout today to celebrate what we've done this season is fantastic and we can't thank them enough."

Exeter Chiefs' women's team lost in the Premier 15s final on Saturday. Credit: ITV News

Despite the disappointment of defeat in Saturday's Premier 15s final, the women's squad are feeling positive about their future.

Abby Middlebrooke said: "We've progressed really well, not only as a club, but women's rugby is really progressing well at the moment as well, and that's a huge win for all females in the sport."