The mythical trail of Unicorns you'll soon be able to see around Bristol's landmarks

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A mythical trail of unicorns will line landmarks across Bristol and the South West this summer.

The unicorns will be spread across Bristol and the South-West, from the Clifton Suspension Bridge to Weston-Super-Mare pier.

The unicorns and their foals will make their way to their locations for the next nine weeks, with a total of 60 unicorns across the region.

Unicorn-fest is part of the 650th anniversary celebrations for Bristol, seeking to unite the business and creative sectors, as well as local communities and schools across Bristol and the surrounding area, bringing art, colour and fun to the streets of the city.

The initiative is run by Leukaemia Care, and hopes to raise money for the charity once the sculptures go to auction later in the year.

Paula Bowles is an artist who designed and created a tiger inspired unicorn sculpture: "I just thought it would be quite fun to mash up two quite opposite creatures and mash them together and see what happens."

Illustrator, Paula Bowles has designed a tiger inspired unicorn for this years trail.

She said the sculpture design took her seven days.

"I sketched it with a normal pencil and then layered up the paint, just normal acrylic paint and then they get varnished at the end,' she said.

Unicorn-fest organiser, Nicole Scully told ITV News West Country why the unicorn is a significant symbol for Bristol.

These Gromit Unleashed characters were part of a hugely popular trail across Bristol in 2018. Credit: PA

"It's 650 years of Bristol being a city this year so as part of the celebration we're bringing the unicorn back. The unicorn used to be part of the crest of Bristol so here are the unicorns, back for the 650 years, all here to rise money for Leukaemia care".

Schools, nurseries and community groups across the region have also got involved with designing over forty foals which can be found in five locations across the city.

There will be sixty fouls across Bristol designed by schools and community groups.

"We've got over forty foals that will be in five locations across Bristol, all decorated by schools, nurseries, community groups. It has been a fantastic way for them all to get involved, they all tell their own story, they'll all be listed on the map so people can go out and see what all the kids, all the groups have been up to."

All of the family can get involved with the trails using the exclusive Unicorn-fest app and map which can tell you all about the sculptures and the inspirations behind the designs.

"I strongly encourage you to go and do the foal trail as well, some really really cute designs"

Unicorn-fest will be running until the Autumn, when the sculptures will go to auction.