King Charles and Queen Camilla surprise spa guests on visit to Poundbury

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King Charles and Queen Camilla surprised a group of people in bathrobes while on a special visit to Poundbury.

They shook hands with the pampered trio outside of the Monart Spa, greeting them along with hundreds of others who had gathered to welcome them.

Their Majesties were visiting Poundbury, built on Duchy of Cornwall land, to mark the completion of Queen Mother Square at the centre of the village

During the encounter the King smiled and joked with the pampered trio outside the spa in Queen Mother Square.

Faye Harris, 34, a marketing director from Northamptonshire, spoke of her surprise at the meeting.

King Charles meeting crowds at Poundbury. Credit: PA images

“It was very surreal, and I did not expect to meet them this morning," she said.

"We were aware The King and Queen were coming this morning when we first turned up and did not expect to see them.

"The manager came up and said they were likely to be here around midday and would we like to pop our heads out of the window, not shake his hand in our bathrobes.“

"It was fantastic to meet them, very nice people.”

It was the royal couple’s first visit to Poundbury, near Dorchester in Dorset since the Coronation.

During the visit, they officially opened The Duke of Edinburgh Garden which forms part of Pavilion Green.

They met with George Carter, the landscape designer, before listening to children from Damers First School perform their Coronation song Sing For The King.

The King and Queen thanked the children and also met the outgoing headteacher Catherine Smith.

Addressing the children, Charles said: “Thank you very much that was brilliant.”