Bristol Unicorn Festival: Six sculptures damaged in less than a week on charity art trail

The face of 'Unicorn on the cob' in Castle Park has been gouged

Six unicorn statues on a new art trail in Bristol have been damaged in less than a week.

Unicorn Fest forms part of the city's 650th anniversary celebrations, with all proceeds going towards charity Leukaemia Care.

Unicorns and their foals will be at their locations for the next nine weeks, with a total of 60 sculptures on the trail which runs from Clifton Suspension Bridge to Weston-super-Mare.

But organisers of the event say some of the sculptures have been damaged already.

In fact, one of the unicorns was harmed within hours of being displayed.

All the damaged statues have been repaired as quickly as possible but people have been urged not to climb or stand on them.

The Golden Unicorn had its horn snapped off but it has since been replaced

The unicorns that have been damaged so far:

  • Butterfly Concerto - St Mary Redcliffe Church - had its horn snapped before the trail even started, but has since been fixed.

  • The Golden Unicorn - Welsh Back - had its horn snapped off, but has since been fixed.

  • Nova - Near the Arches on Gloucester Road - also had its horn snapped, since been replaced.

  • Unicorn on the cob - in Castle Park - paint work has been cracked.

  • UWEcorn - outside Bristol Aquarium - damage to face of sculpture.

  • Broadmead Daisy - Bristol Shopping Quarter - scratched paint work.

Organisers say they are liaising with the police.