The Dorset duo preparing to swim the Channel for charity

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Two women from Dorset who both had hysterectomies are gearing up to swim the English Channel for charity.

Harriet Green and Natalie Perrett decided to take on the 21 mile challenge after developing a passion for open water swimming.

Harriet told ITV News West Country: "I think it saved my life, really. It's just been the most amazing thing for me.

"The buzz that you get afterwards, the adrenaline, the feel good cortisol and stuff like that. I found it so, so beneficial for me mentally and physically."

Natalie added: "The freedom of it, I think. And it's it's an all inclusive club. Anyone can do it.

"And I feel like when you're out there, there's no judgment and you just switch off. that's what I love about it."

The team have been training in the sea along the Dorset coast Credit: ITV West Country

After months of training, they set off later this month - their window to cross the channel is between the 19 and 22 July.

They will be completing their biggest challenge to date alongside a third member of their relay team, while raising money for several charities close to their hearts including Young Minds and the Birth Trauma Association.

Harriet said: "I joked with Natalie one day about doing a channel relay. It's always been a dream of mine to do the full solo anyway.

"And that became a reality the beginning of last year when we went 'let's do it'. So, yes, we we formed a team and booked our boats and here we are."

The swimmers are raising money for several charities Credit: ITV West Country

The idea for the swim, which will be around 21 miles long, came about last year when Both Harriet and Natalie had hysterectomies within a week of each other in February last year.

The group has now grown a strong bond through swimming.

Harriet said: "We all support each other. We all have our qualities and the things that we bring to the group. And yeah, we're all really, really close now."

A big part of the channel swim for Natalie and Harriet is about showing other women what they can achieve.

Natalie explained: "There's a lot of, oh, she's having a hysterectomy. We can't talk about it. Yes, we can talk about it. A lot of women go through it, it's okay.

"But also we can still be women afterwards, we don't lose our female identity, and that's really important to me, that we can still go and train and we can be strong afterwards.

"And that's a big part of it for me is saying we're still physical, our bodies can still perform and that's a big part of this channel swim."