The rare black leopard settling into new home at Exmoor Zoo

  • Meet Bagheera - the black leopard living in Exmoor

Exmoor news has revealed its newest arrival - a rare black leopard. 

Bagheera was born in a wild cat zoo in France but was moved to the UK zoo in April.

Revealing she was the zoo's newest resident, Exmoor Zoo said: “She has now settled in well and have been given full access just this week to her whole enclosure."

The zoo says Bagheera is the only black leopard on exhibit in the UK and there are only around 20 of them within Europe. 

Bagheera is the only black leopard in the UK. Credit: Exmoor Zoo

The zoo’s previous black leopard Zoysa died of old age in October 2022 - she was 16.

The hope is to find Bagheera a mate in the future but the team says "in the meantime she can often be spotted by her eerie glowing green eyes early in the morning and ready to pounce on unsuspecting customers".