Penzance pool filled with 75,000 plastic bottles for to highlight pollution issues

  • Watch the performance here.

The UK's largest seawater lido in Penzance was filled with plastic bottles on Friday as part of a planned protest by Plastic Free Penzance and Surfers Against Sewage.

The event saw a local synchronised swimming group Out of Sink in Penzance's iconic Jubilee Pool, which was filled with an estimated 75,000 single-use plastic bottles.

It marked the launch of Surfers Against Sewage's Brand Audit report, aiming to expose the companies responsible for 70 per cent of packaging pollution in the UK.

The environmental charity, SAS, say that the aim of filling the art deco outdoor pool with plastic bottles was to give a 'powerful visual representation of the urgent need for change'.

Three million plastic bottles are used in Penzance alone each year.

The event took place in Penzance on Friday.

Izzy Ross of Surfers against Sewage said: "The results of this year's Brand Audit are shocking, but sadly not surprising.

"Year on year we’re seeing the same culprits responsible for disgusting amounts of plastic pollution on our beaches, and in our cities and countryside. This Dirty Dozen of plastic polluting companies need to clean up their act.

"They must be held accountable for their pollution and driven to do more to adopt circular business models to reduce their plastic and (by extension) their carbon footprint.

"These industry giants have the power to save or condemn our ocean. At the moment they’re choosing the latter.”