A GP, a comedian and a Chaser - we catch up with The Chase star Paul Sinha

  • Watch The Chase's Paul Sinha's studio chat with Seb and Kylie

He may be best known as being one of ITV's Chasers - but Paul Sinha definitely wears more than one hat.

He trained as a GP before moving into comedy but during a visit to the ITV News West Country studio said he will always see himself as a "a quizzer first and foremost".

Speaking to presenters Seb and Kylie in the studio ahead of his stand up gig in Chipping Sodbury this evening, he said: "I was always a keen quizzer, as a school kid, and I traipsed around bars in South London when I was a medical student just emptying quiz machines.

"Then I got an opportunity to take part in the show University Challenge The Professionals where a team of comedians, of which I was part took part, took part and got battered by two from the Ministry of Justice.

"I decided there and then I wanted to get really good at it in a sort of midlife crisis, and I got really good at it - the next thing I know I'm on The Chase."

He told ITV News West Country it's a genuine privilege to work on the show.

"It's a privilege to be on TV doing something that you genuinely enjoy, not everyone gets to do a job that they really enjoy but some people just do it for the money - but I get to do something that I absolutely love."

Sinha said he thinks of himself as a comedian first and foremost. "I was a comedian long before I was a Chaser. I did my first gig in 1995, first Edinburgh show in 2004 - I've been around for a long time."

Paul Sinha is performing at the Comedy Festival with Mark Simmons at Chipping Sodbury Town Hall this evening (24 July) ahead of taking his show Paul Sinha: Pauly Bengali to Edinburgh Fringe next week.