Twins finish Exeter University's medical school together to become junior doctors on the same day

Amelia and Jasmine Collins twins graduate medical school together.
Amelia and Jasmine Collins lived and trained together throughout five years of medical school in Exeter. Credit: Exeter University

A set of twins from Cornwall are celebrating after graduating from medical school in Exeter at the same time.

Twins Amelia and Jasmine Collins, from Wadebridge, both made it through an extremely competitive process to study medicine at the University of Exeter.

They lived together throughout their five years of study in the city and even took on the same role as ball secretary for the Exeter MedSoc student society.

This month, the pair graduated together to become junior doctors on the same day.

Jasmine said: "It’s been fantastic to have Amelia as support.

"We’ve only experienced positives of being twins at medical school, and we’re so proud of ourselves and each other.

"We’re actually quite different – I have wanted to be a doctor from being very small, and for Amelia it was an ambition that developed later.

"We have an incredibly strong bond that has definitely helped us in our studies."

The twins will now live apart for the first time in their lives, with Jasmine staying in Exeter while Amelia is moving to Cardiff. Credit: University of Exteter

The twins will both soon be working in intensive care - but they have decided to part ways with Jasmine staying in Exeter while Amelia is moving to Cardiff.

Amelia said: "It’ll be the first time we’ve ever lived apart, but we feel ready and Exeter has prepared us really well for our roles.

"I’m sure we’ll FaceTime everyday."

Clinical Lead for Anatomy at the University of Exeter Medical School Professor Vikram Devaraj said: “Getting into any medical school is an extremely competitive process, so having twins synchronously graduating from our prestigious university is highly unusual.

"Jasmine and Amelia are both very driven and energetic, and they’ve really grasped the opportunities afforded to them. Huge congratulations to them both.”