The Devon man who will spend the next week living on a paddleboard

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An international paddleboarding champion from Devon has taken the challenge of spending an entire week on his board.

Brendon Prince already holds eight stand up paddleboard world records including being the first person to paddleboard around the UK coastline. During this challenge he says he came across dolphins, seals, and killer whales.

On 25 July Brendon set off on his new challenge of spending seven nights and eight days on a paddleboard.

It coincides with World Drowning Prevention Day, which raises awareness about preventative and safety measures.

Brendon will live on the board for seven nights and eight days.

Just before the start of the challenge, Brendon said: “I’m all about trying to draw attention to water safety and drowning prevention.

"Today is world drowning prevention day so I’ve got to be able to do something that justifies people to go ‘wow’ and pay attention to it and perhaps listen to what I’m talking about.”

He plans to have no support and no breaks while he lives on the board for a week.

Brendon said he was aiming to get to Dartmouth on night one, and would be keeping an eye on the weather - using estuaries to shelter from the elements at sea when needed.

As he set off the rain started, but people were out to wish him well and keep spirits high. With thumbs up and a smile on his face, he said: “See everybody in a week!”