Jacob Rees-Mogg urges people to have more kids 'to tackle climate change'

Jacob Rees-Mogg has said that 'a shrinking population helps no one. We need more babies' Credit: PA.

Jacob Rees-Mogg has encouraged people to have more children in a bid to tackle climate change.

The MP for North East Somerset has said that having a younger population will lead to a "more innovative population".

Speaking on his show on GB News, Rees-Mogg said there should be more concern about the UK's ageing population.

He said: "The UK birth rate sits at 1.56 per woman. This is significantly below the replacement rate of 2.1, which would keep the population at a stable level. But with fewer children, the population shrinks and the population ages.

"Now, in this country, immigration has been a short-term palliative. Because of life expectancy, the number of retired people are supported by a smaller number of taxpayers. The low birth rate exasperates this problem and would mean that you have a smaller tax base to support those who are retired and need the help, the benefits, the healthcare."

He went on to address many young peoples' concerns about climate change, some of which he dismissed as "fear-mongering". Rees-Mogg also said that those people choosing to not have children for the planet were misguided.

He said: "The idea that having children is damaging the environment is in any way, of itself, mistaken."

'I've done my bit by having six, so now you do yours'

The Conservative MP went on to champion people having more children, adding that while older people often have more knowledge and expertise, younger workers are often better able to 'engage with new ideas'.

He said: "A younger population means a more innovative population. And what's the number one way we can deal with climate change? The way we've made things cleaner over centuries? It's by innovation.

"If we have an ageing population, we will become less innovative and less inventive and that will create problems of its own. If we want an economy that can tackle climate change, we need more children.

"I've done my bit by having six, so now let me encourage you do yours. The more children, the merrier."

The West Country politician added in a Tweet: "A shrinking population helps no one. We need more babies."