How could AI change the way weather is forecast?

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Due to huge investments in technology, the accuracy of weather forecasts has improved significantly in recent years.

Now the government is exploring how Artificial Intelligence could be used to improve forecasts.

The government minister for AI, Jonathan Berry visited the Met Office in Exeter to see how AI can enhance the work they're doing there.

The Met Office relies on billions of items of data stored and processed by its super computer in Exeter but it's the job of forecasters to use their personal expertise to interpret computer predictions.

The use of AI could also be used to prepare and respond to climate change in the future.

Jonathan Berry, AI Minister told ITV News West Country "We have to have the regulations in place to keep it safe.

"But assuming we can do all of those things and we have plans in place to do all of those things, then the productivity benefits for the nation and for everybody living here are really going to be very exciting."

However Kristine Dale, Principle Fellow for Data Science said there is always going to be a need for a human touch:"Many of the large algorithms used for AI rely on input data that is produced by humans, by numerical weather predictions.

"I think the future is safe, there's always going to be humans involved with this."