Gloucester couple lose £7k as wedding plans thrown into chaos after venue closes

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A bride-to-be has spoken of her shock after her wedding was suddenly cancelled following the collapse of an events business in Gloucester.

Millie Hooper and her fiancé, Mitch Malborn, are among those who have been left thousands of pounds out of pocket by the sudden closure of The Club at Tuffley Park.

The couple have spent 18 months planning their big day on September 2 as well as an estimated £15,000. They believe the £7,000 they gave to the venue won't be seen again as they weren't insured.

"I contacted them when I heard a rumour (the venue was closing) and they told me I had nothing to worry about," said 26-year-old pharmacy assistant Millie.

"My nan and mum had all put money into the wedding, we all had, and we did it by the skin of our teeth. What's supposed to now be the fun bit leading up to the wedding has gone and now we get this."

Millie was offered Over Barn as an alternative wedding venue after they heard of her plight. Credit: ITV News

In a statement, The Club owner Ross Nicholl said he understood people would be 'angry, upset and worried' but added: "We have tried everything to remain open but with bills continuing to rise it's no longer possible.

"I offer sincere apologies that it has come to this. It's never been intentional. We tried our best in a time that is almost impossible."

He said the decision to call in liquidators had 'broken him'.

"He could have told us, contacted everyone who had an event and said 'this is position we're in' but he didn't," added Millie.

Following social media attention, an alternative venue nearby has today, (1 August) stepped in to save the day, offering space to Millie and Mitch.

Manager of Over Barn on the edge of Gloucester, Sam Gardner, said it usually took 18 months to organise everything but he was happy to help.

"It's a very difficult situation," he added. "I was really pleased when I opened the diary we had a blank page on that Sunday."

Millie added: "It's amazing, we can't thank them enough, otherwise we wouldn't be getting married!"