Dad's emotional plea after son drowns on Cornwall holiday

Robin Caliskan and his younger brother Renas in the pool moments before tragedy struck. Credit: Cemal Caliskan

The father of a five-year-old boy who drowned while on holiday has spoken out following his son's death.

Robin Caliskan was on his first ever camping holiday with his parents Ferzane and Cemal and his six-month-old baby brother Renas when tragedy struck.

The Plymouth family arrived at Atlantic Reach, a holiday resort and leisure club in Newquay, on Monday 31 July.

They pitched their tent before going straight for a swim together in the resort's pool.

Cemal, 35, took photographs of his wife and children in the pool moments before his eldest son got into difficulty in the water and died.

Sadly, Robin did not get to spend a single night sleeping under canvas.

A photo taken of Robin when the family practised putting their tent up for the first time in a local park. Credit: BPM Media

Robin's father Cemal has today told ITV News he wants to highlight the following:

1 - no lifeguard at the pool

Robin's father says there was no lifeguard on duty at the time and felt a sign stating that - was not clearly visible.

Due to the size of the pool there is no legal requirement to have a lifeguard.

2 - no first aider

He also claims members of the public stepped in to help his son - as there was not a first aider immediately on hand.

3 - camera not operational

Cemal says hotel staff told him that a camera overlooking the pool wasn't operational at the time of the incident.

4 - low lighting

Cemal feels low lighting made it difficult to see to the bottom of the pool

5 - barrier obstructing vision

Finally Cemal feels a barrier between the adult and baby pool made of frosted glass, restricts vision between the two pools.

Robin had been having swimming lessons in Plymouth before his death.

Cemal told ITV News West Country: "If just one of these things had been different my son could still be alive.

"We experienced this accident but we don't want anybody else to have the same thing, this is why I am talking."

Cemal said his son loved to travel and "embraced everyone".

Reflecting on how quickly it had happened, he added: "Everything happened in just five or six minutes in the pool.

"We took pictures with Robin, then without and I look at the times I realise it happened in just five minutes.

"There is a barrier between the main swimming pool and the little pool, this misguided us.

"I thought Robin was with his mother and his mum was thinking the same thing, she was also looking at us and thinking Robin was with us as she was looking through the unclear glass."

Robin Caliskan did not get to spend a single night under campus. Credit: BPM Media/Cemal Caliskal

There is no suggestion that the holiday park was in breach of any legal requirements.

A spokesperson for Atlantic Reach said: "We have been advised that, for legal reasons, it is not appropriate for us to comment at this stage on the circumstances of this tragic accident.

"We are fully cooperating with the investigation that is taking place to establish the facts and it is not appropriate to comment or speculate on that investigation.

"We are absolutely heartbroken, and our thoughts are with Robin's family at this devastating time.

"We respectfully ask that all those affected are given time and space at this distressing time."

Robin with his mother Ferzane (left) and Robin with his younger brother Renas.

Cemal said Robin was "always embracing the people around him" and was a happy and easygoing youngster.

Cemal added: "We had Robin for five years but now we don't get to see him for longer. We don't get to see him go to secondary school, university, marriage, it has all gone." He said that Robin loved the police and wanted to be a police officer when he was older.

Robin wanted to be a police officer. Credit: Cemal Caliskan

The five-year-old had also been enjoying swimming lessons near their home in Plymouth in recent months.

Robin loved to travel and had been on a number of trips with his family.

Devon and Cornwall Police say they are not investigating Robin's death but it has been referred to the coroner and an inquest will be opened in due course.