Wallaby dies after being found seriously injured on the roadside in Somerset 

The wallaby was found on the roadside Credit: Secret World Wildlife Rescue

A wallaby has died after being rushed into emergency care after being involved in a road accident in Somerset. 

A member of the public called an ambulance at 3am on 3 August to reports of what they thought was a cat on the roadside in Churchill.

Emergency crews could not stay with the animal so called Somerset charity Secret World Wildlife Rescue who attended the scene and discovered it was a wallaby.

After seeing it had gained serious spinal injuries, the charity staff then took the animal to Quantock Veterinary Hospital in Bridgwater.

Pauline Kidner, Founder of Secret World Wildlife Rescue said: "I don’t think the veterinary nurse that I spoke to believed that I would be bringing in a wallaby.

"We were very upset that we were unable to save [the wallaby], and she was quietly euthanised.

"The vets were amazing and dealt with the situation very professionally – so good to know they were there to help.” 

Pauline said there’s been several sightings of wallabies in the area, but this is the first one she’s aware of that has been involved in a road accident.