'We don't mind being underdogs' - Plymouth Argyle's boss Steven Schumacher

  • Watch Jacquie Bird's report as Argyle prepare for Championship campaign.

Plymouth Argyle's manager Steven Schumacher says he doesn't mind his team being the underdogs as they start their new campaign in the Championship.

The Pilgrims' boss says they spent the most part of last season in that position, and so would be quite happy to stay that way as the new season starts.

He said: "We all understand where we sit, financially, on the pyramid. And so naturally you're going to be the underdog.

"I think last season, we proved a lot of people wrong and noone gave us a chance and always spoke about Sheffield Wednesday and Ipswich in particular. That was OK, we were comfortable being in that situation because we knew internally how good our players were - and it's going to be the same this year.

Steven Schumacher Credit: ITV News Westcountry

"Obviously we are playing even bigger clubs than Sheffield Wednesday and Ipswich Town, so we've got to make sure we've got that same mentality.

"We know that we're going to have to work hard, we're going to have to be organised when we haven't got the ball, but we're going to have to be brave and express themselves and have the confidence to show everyone again how good that we can be."

Bali Mumba and Morgan Whittaker Credit: ITV News Westcountry

Those sentiments were shared by Argyle's two £1million signings Bali Mumba and Morgan Whittaker who have joined over the summer after successful loan spells at the club last season.

Both said they didn't have to give it a moment's thought when Argyle made their offers.

Bali said: "For me, it's that connection that I have here, on and off the pitch. Off the pitch with the fans. That connection that I have on the pitch with the teammates with the gaffer, and the staff. I think that's what makes it special."

This weekend Plymouth Argyle face Neil Warnock's Huddersfield Town at Home Park. Warnock, a former Argyle manager himself, has been in touch with the current boss, who said there'll be a glass of red wine waiting for him at full time, whatever the score.

Steven Schumacher said he can't wait for the campaign to begin.

He said: "The sleep has got a little bit worse over the last few days. Start getting that tension and anxiety, because the real adrenaline will be kicking in on Saturday, so nervous energy but I can't wait, yeah, I'm looking forward to it."