'Miraculous escape' after plane crashes on A40 near Cheltenham

  • Watch as the plane was removed by a crane to the side of the road

People on board a light aircraft had a "miraculous escape" after it made an emergency landing on a busy commuter road in Gloucestershire during this evening's rush hour.

Emergency crews were called to the A40 Golden Valley near the village of Churchdown just before 6pm.

People at the scene have been sharing pictures of the aircraft on the central reservation of the busy road. 

Police say no one in the plane or on the ground was injured. 

Vesper Gray Smith, 17, said he was on a bus from Gloucester to Cheltenham when he saw the plane in the road and took photos of it.

He said: “I saw some fire engines going across a bridge near the site to go to the scene of the accident.

“There was police talking to witnesses and the pilot. Right as I went past the scene the road was shut off behind me.

Traffic was stopped whilst the plane was moved to the side of the road. Credit: National Highways

“I didn’t see the plane land, but the photos were probably taken a few minutes after it did. I felt pretty surprised, as it’s really not something that happens often.

“I think everyone else on the bus was quite surprised as well. One of the first things I thought about the incident is if everyone is alright, and luckily they were.”

A spokesperson said: "We were called shortly before 6pm today (Thursday) with a report a light aircraft had landed on the A40 Golden Valley."

"No one was injured and it is understood that no other vehicles were involved. Police remain at the scene at this time."

Traffic was held up for more than an hour until the plane was removed at around 7.30pm.