The hedgehog retirement home being set up inside a Devon castle

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A South Devon hedgehog rescue charity has started moving hedgehogs who no longer need medical care to a castle in Devon, as it looks for a new home.

Prickles in a Pickle, which is based in Stoke Fleming near Dartmouth, is now overwhelmed with between 170 and 200 rescue hedgehogs and hoglets in its care.

The charity works to nurse the hedgehogs, some found abandoned or injured, back to health.

To free up its space in A&E, it has moved recovering hedgehogs to the grounds of Powderham Castle.

Two of the charity's blind hedgehogs, Tibbles and Twiggy have already been moved to a corner of the castle's grounds, near its walled garden.

Janice Jeffery, who volunteers for the charity, told ITV West Country: "Walled gardens are really useful for us to release hedgehogs that have any minor disability who've still got good quality of life but just needs a little bit more of a safe environment."

Judy Thomson, the founder of the charity who moved the hedgehogs to the castle, said although the castle is suitable, she'd like to find a permanent base for the hedgehogs.

She said: "We started 16 years ago with a cardboard box, a hot water bottle, an ear dropper and goodwill.

"We would like our privacy back, we'd like our home back, we're getting a bit tired, we've got some land which we're in the process of purchasing and we want to build a bespoke hospital there.