Paignton Zoo issues warning after visitors seen feeding animals crisps and sweets

A black howler monkey at Paignton Zoo Credit: Paignton Zoo

Staff at Paignton Zoo have issued a warning after several visitors were thought to have fed sweets and crisps to some of the animals.

The incident is believed to have happened on Sunday 6 August. An anonymous post shared on social media accused a group of people of feeding a group of howler monkeys despite being asked by staff not to feed the animals.

The anonymous poster said: "If you are planning on going to the zoo this half term please, please, please don't feed the animals. We will lose our zoo if this carries on as it makes the animals sick."

A spokesperson for Paignton Zoo confirmed that it does have "occasional incidents" where visitors will try and offer the animals food and urged people to report "such inappropriate behaviour".

In a statement they said: "Despite having signage in place, and vigilant staff who regularly check each enclosure, we do unfortunately have occasional incidents where visitors to the zoo offer food to our animals.

"All of our animals receive carefully researched and nutritionally balanced diets, and we ask all of our visitors to refrain from feeding our animals as it can make them very ill.

"We thank the overwhelming majority of visitors who understand this, and also those who witness such inappropriate behaviour and bring it to our attention.

"Appropriate action will be taken against any visitor who is seen to be putting the health of our animals at risk in this way."