Festival-goers at Boardmasters being given help to avoid drink and vape spiking at the festival

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People at Boardmasters are being warned to watch not only for drink spiking but also for vape and cigarette spiking too.

Dawn Dines, founder and CEO of Stamp Out Spiking says it's important to be a visible presence at the biggest festival in the South West.

She said:"It's just the right sort of demographic to warn people that spiking can happen through vapes, through drinks, through sharing cigarettes."

People can find out more about Stamp Out Spiking at the Sanctuary tent next to Welfare. Credit: ITV News

The team have been training security staff at the festival to know the signs and symptoms to recognise when someone has been spiked.

Dawn continues:"They know what people look like, what they act like, They also know that immediate call to action to make sure that they're kept safe."

Festival goers told ITV West Country about how 'scary' it has been for their friends who have experienced 'memory loss' when they have 'turned around' and something has been put in their drink.

Dawn is keen to stress it's not just young adults who can be targeted and spiking can happen to "anybody of any age".

"It's not just for young people, it can happen to anybody," she adds. "Hopefully the youngsters will go home and speak to their parents about what they've learned as well."

Warnings about what is illegal spiking are playing by the side of the main stage between acts Credit: ITV News

Stamp Out Spiking have been using the drinking game slogan "Never Have I Ever" to catch the attention of festival goers and warn them about what is an isn't ok.

Slogans include Never Have I ever...

  • Snuck alcohol into somebody's drink without them knowing

  • Given someone a gummy bear which contains THC

  • Let someone use my vape and not told them it contained drugs.