Boardmasters Festival 2023: Warning issued after 'dangerous Tesla tablets' found on site

Credit: Em Marchovecchio / Boardmasters

Boardmasters Festival organisers have issued a warning after dangerous drugs were found on the site.

A sign has been put up at the festival after it was reported that 'Tesla tablets' were discovered.

The pill, which is orange and has the Tesla car logo on it, is a form of the Class A drug ecstasy, which is also known as MDMA.

Anyone who has taken them is being urged to seek medical help.

The sign says: "Tesla tablets have been found at the festival. These are dangerous and can make you very unwell. Please do not take them.

"Be responsible and look out for each other. Taken something and feel unwell? Go to medical immediately or speak to the nearest steward. They'll look after you and you won't get into trouble."

A sign was put up at the festival after the tablets were discovered. Credit: BPM Media

According to the NHS, short-term side effects of ecstasy include dilated pupils, a tingling feeling, tightening of the jaw muscles, an increased body temperature and an increased heart rate. Long-term use can increase the risk of anxiety and depression, as well as a condition called serotonin syndrome, which can be fatal.

Boardmasters has described this type of warning as "vital" in keeping people safe.

A spokesperson for the festival said: "Drug messaging is standard procedure across all major events.

"It is part of our on site drug testing function and is vital from a harm reduction standpoint."

People at the festival are also being warned not only for drink spiking, but for vape and cigarette spiking too.