Police issue warnings after ‘particularly dangerous’ supply of contaminated heroin hits Wiltshire

Police forces have warned of a dangerous opioid in circulation.
Credit: PA
Heroin users are advised to exercise caution after a contaminated batch is found in Wiltshire Credit: PA

Police have issued a warning to drug users about a ‘particularly dangerous' batch of heroin that is circulating in Wiltshire. 

The warning comes after a number of people became seriously ill after overdosing in the Devizes and Chippenham area over the weekend. 

The batch is believed to be contaminated. Melksham Police said: "We are taking the unusual step of warning heroin users to be aware of a particularly dangerous contaminated supply of heroin in circulation.  

This follows a number of incidents over the weekend, in the Devizes and Chippenham area, where we have responded to individuals who have become seriously ill because of an unintentional overdose.

"Whilst we do not condone illegal drug use- we have a duty of care to protect those who may face additional risk because of this particularly dangerous supply.

"If you are a heroin user, or you know someone who is - please exercise extreme caution."