Plans for McDonald's drive-thru in rural village of Hilperton sparks outrage

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Plans for a new McDonald's drive-thru in Wiltshire have astounded people living locally.

Villagers in Hilperton, just outside Trowbridge, say it is not the right place for a fast food restaurant and accompanying car park.

They are concerned about the increase in traffic along the A361 as well as the impact it would have on local wildlife.

Since the proposals first came to light last month residents have staged a number of protests to share their concerns.

Polly Beauchamp, one of the residents, said: "This is already a fairly busy road and with a 24-hour-drive thru that is only going to increase traffic and pollution and noise.

The proposed site for the fast food restaurant is along the A361 Credit: ITV News West Country

"This is a fairly rural area. It's classified as Trowbridge, but it's a village on the outskirts of Trowbridge. We should be clinging on to these rural areas as much as possible, in my opinion."

Rachel Kingsmill, who also lives in Hilperton said: "This is not a trunk road, this is a village road.

"They want to draw people in of the main road, that's what the 12 meter sign that they're putting up is to do, which is a shame in this green field area.

"We can see the Westbury White Horse from here, and the Westbury White Horse will be able to see a 12 meter high McDonald's sign."

More than 400 residents have written objections to Wiltshire Council.

The consultation on the proposals will run until 18th August. The plans can be found on Wiltshire Council's website here.

There are concerns over the impact the development would have on wildlife, including hedgehogs Credit: ITV NEWS

The proposals have also prompted concerns over the impact the development would have on wildlife in the area.

Ben Ingham, Hilperton resident, said: "I live very, very locally. As in the road opposite the entrance of the where the in/out entrance to McDonald's will be.

"Of an evening, there's bats flying around, directly opposite there's deer, there's badgers, there's wildlife."

Cllr Ernie Clark, who represents the Hilperton Division on Wiltshire Council, said: "Well it's very close to the Trowbridge bat mitigation strategy and this is in the yellow area and very adjacent to the red area, which prohibits any building.

"So for wildlife it's probably the worst site that you could choose in this area."

In a statement, a spokesperson for McDonald's said: "We will take into consideration the feedback from the Hilperton community and further clarify our position on these points, should we receive a planning committee date."