Menopause 'like depression' - workshop offers education and support for women in Bristol

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A workshop in Bristol has offered an inclusive space to educate women on the menopause.

The Menopause Workshop, Leading the Change, aims to help women with the menopause as well as the physical and emotional changes it brings - whilst offering supportive solutions.

The workshop was led by founder of 'Shhh...Menopause Wellness', Marva Williams. She said it's 'really important' that women understand 'what is going on in their bodies' at this time of life.

She said: "There’s over 50 symptoms of menopause - we all think about the hot flushes, we all think about the night sweats, but we don’t think about the small symptoms like the itchy skin or the ringing in the ears or the hair starting to fall out to name a few.

Marva mentioned how this is an issue that impacts men too.

“There’s a massive misunderstanding for men and women - for men lots of them don’t understand what their partners are going through.”

Ambassador, Sheetal Jethwa shared her own experiences: “It’s like depression in a way - it can make you feel like there’s nothing that’s good, there’s no joy. There was no energy, no passion."

“When the perimenopause started, it felt like there was nothing in me - I was just a zombie.

Sheetal emphasised the importance of exercise for her mental health: "I used to train for vanity, now I train to keep myself sane and strong.”

Marva is a qualified menopause and wellbeing coach and counsellor for women who are seeking support as they embark on the menopause journey.

She said 'a lot of women don’t feel themselves anymore' when they're going through this period.

She added: "They can’t put their finger on it, they don’t want to see anybody, they don’t want to speak to anybody - that’s when rather than shut themselves away, they need to get help, reach out to your doctor, find a menopause coach or councillor, look through the symptoms."

Marva encourages anyone who may be struggling to 'get the help as soon as possible'.