Wedmore celebrates harvest with huge 500 guest feast

The village of Wedmore in Somerset has marked harvest with a procession and huge feast for 500 people.

The annual Harvest Home is an historic event there, which started when farmers put on a meal with cider to thank the workers for bringing in the harvest.

Wedmore's event has now evolved into a full day of events, starting with a church service, followed by a procession including a Harvest Home King, Queen and Princess.

One of the organisers, Claire Willcox, said: "I’ve just worked out this would be my thirtieth float.

"I've done it all my life. It's a real family tradition, but there's lots of new people to the village that we'd love to be taking part and starting their own new family tradition.

"Everyone can get involved from tiny, tiny babies in prams right the way to grannies in wheelchairs."