Exeter wheelchair athlete attempts third world record

  • Watch as our reporter Bob Cruwys caught up with Lexi Chambers.

When Lexi Chambers had her leg amputated three years ago, she was determined it wouldn't end her chances of taking part in sports.

An Army veteran and former NHS registered nurse, she is attempting to set the record for the longest distance travelled in 12 hours in a standard wheelchair.

She is using a non-sport chair for her challenge, to show people you can get involved, whatever level of kit you have.

Lexi has a team supporting her record attempt Credit: ITV West Country

Lexi had her leg amputated below the knee due to Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome. She says she wants to show that nothing is impossible and that even when adversity strikes, you can still achieve your dreams.

She has already completed two triathlons, four half marathons and a full marathon, and has already set two world records, for the fastest full and half marathons using a non-sport wheelchair.

Lexi says she doesn't want to let the things that happen in life hold her back Credit: ITV West Country

Lexi says "If you set yourself little steps and little goals you can overcome anything.

"I would like to inspire anybody, able-bodied and people in a similar situation to myself to show that anything is possible. Start off small and dream big."

She is raising money for the Aaron Lewis Foundation, a charity which supports injured veterans getting back into sports. You can find out more on her fundraising page.