Behind Closed Doors: Take a look inside the historic fishermen's lodges of St Ives

  • Episode One: Charlotte Gay explores the historic fishermen's lodges in St Ives

St Ives in Cornwall is known for its beautiful beaches and picturesque views, but around the harbour is one black, wooden structure.

The two buildings, which are joined together, are nondescript and windowless on one side. Arguably, they are in one of the best spots along the seafront.

ITV West Country's Behind Closed Doors series takes a look inside places and locations people pass every day, but don't know what happens inside or why they exist.

In Episode One, Charlotte Gay gets a history lesson from Tony Farrell about these historic fishermen's lodges in St Ives.

Built more than 100 years ago, there were once five lodges in St Ives, but today only three remain - Shore Shelter, Rose Lodge and Shamrock Lodge.

They were originally, solely for the fishermen who requested them, who would enjoying seeking much needed shelter and warmth after a long day of fishing in all weathers.

Now, the rooms are a private space for the retired fishermen of St Ives to relax and socialise in.

They have largely remained untouched over the years and provide a fascinating insight into St Ives' rich fishing heritage.

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