Plans for new road in Brislington criticised by Bristol mayor

Bristol Mayor Marvin Rees
Marvin Rees, Bristol City Mayor, says suitable plans are 'yet to happen'.

Proposed plans for a new relief road through Brislington have been condemned by the Mayor of Bristol.

The controversial plans propose building a new road along a disused railway line to ease the traffic on the A4 Bath Road.

The new road, to be called the Callington Road Link, would run from Callington Road to St Phillips Causeway along an old train line.

The A4 Bath Road between the Three Lamps junction and Callington Road would then be exclusively open to busses and bicycles. 

The plan was previously discussed by Bristol City Council but was dropped by Labour in 2021.

It has now been brought back to life by the West of England Combined Authority, who are consulting members of the public on their opinion. 

But Bristol City Mayor, Marvin Rees, has slated the plan, instead calling for a mass transit system and underground railway. 

Posting on his his online blog he said: "WECA were tasked to find a mass transit solution that does not use Bath Road apart from where there is space for fully segregated mass transit options. That has yet to happen.

"We will not support the Combined Authority’s proposals to convert any part of the old railway path in Brislington into a busy road.

"This is consistent with the position that I set out with party colleagues in 2021."

Councillor Andrew Varney from Brislington West has been campaigning for years for the railway line to be turned into a cycle path.

He said that building a new road would result in more traffic, rather than reducing congestion.

He also added that the old train tracks have become a haven for wildlife and that building a new road would disrupt this habitat. 

The West of England Combined Authority consultation runs until October 1. More details can be found here.