In pictures: Meet the Bristol gardener who's cultivated 200 hanging baskets

Shaun has been gardening for more than a decade but his project to bring walls of plants came to life during lockdown.

A green-fingered gardener has brought to life around 200 hanging baskets in his backyard in Bristol, after becoming inspired during the pandemic.

Shaun Shroeder has been cultivating plants for more than a decade but has now become known locally for creating walls of colour in his garden in Whitchurch.

The project began in 2020 when Shaun's neighbours took notice of his plants during the Covid-19 lockdowns, leading him to create bigger displays.

Each November, the majority of his plants die due to low temperatures and frost but Shaun then faithfully uses seeds and cuttings he has collected to create new blooms in mid-February.

Shaun said he spends 'two to three hours on an evening' tending to his plants, and 'then all weekend if the wife lets me'.

He said: "I've done gardening for over ten years but this mainly started in lockdown when people were exercising more, and they said it was beautiful - and it just gives you the incentive to do it."

Asked what his advice is for those hoping to start a colourful garden of their own, Shaun said: "It's very easy to do a little basket, four or five plants in, to start off. And then you can gradually increase it.

"The three tips I always say is water well, feed once a week, and take the dead heads off because that encourages new growth."

Scroll down to see more pictures of Shaun's garden below.

Shaun restarts his wall of hanging baskets every year, as most of the plants die during the winter
Shaun's garden has many different varieties of flowers and plants
Shaun spends two to three hours in his garden in Whitchurch every weekday evening to create the display
Shaun's house is decorated with plants on all sides and drew praise from his neighbours
It's estimated Shaun has grown around 200 hanging baskets
Shaun has said that anyone can start cultivating their own wall of colour - and can just start with one basket