'I think about it every day' - Physio who revived Chippenham Town footballer after cardiac arrest

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A club physio who saved the life of a footballer who had collapsed on the pitch has urged others to not take risks when it comes to having defibrillators at sports clubs.

Anton Forbes was one of he first people on the scene when Chippenham Town footballer Pablo Martinez suffered a cardiac arrest during the club's match with Chelmsford in August of 2022.

After initially giving Pablo CPR he was able to use the defibrillator on site at the stadium to revive him before he was transported to hospital.

Pablo made a full recovery after being fitted with an ICD but Anton says without the defib nearby it could have been a very different outcome.

"I think about it every day and every time I am around a football pitch to be honest," he said.

"What happened that day was unbelievable, it was just like any other day. It was totally surreal and it was quite shocking.

The defibrillator used on Pablo in August of 2022.

"I think when people saw him fall to the floor and we saw people's reactions you knew that it was really serious.

"The whole stadium had a really eery feeling around it and the players were all over the place.

"If we weren't on it as quick as we were then I do often think about how the outcome could have been very different.

"For me I just want to highlight the important of the defibrillator on that day, if we didn't have that I am not sure if Pablo would still be there.

"Nobody should take a risk with that, it can literally save lives. You never know when you would need to use it and you hope you never do but we did that day and I am so glad that it had a good outcome."

Pablo was able to regain his fitness and made another appearance for Chippenham Town before the end of last season.

He has since decided to step away from football and focus on studies.