Walking more than six dogs could be banned in North Somerset

The council will meet at Weston-super-Mare town hall to discuss the ban

Walking more than six dogs could be banned across North Somerset

North Somerset Council's executive will vote on whether to introduce the ban at a meeting on Wednesday 6 September.

Dog walkers could get a fixed penalty notice if they attempt to walk seven or more dogs in a public space anywhere across the district.

It's part of the council's review of Public Space Protection Orders (PSPO's).

Explaining the new six dog limit, a report to the council executive stated: “When setting the maximum number of dogs able to be walked by one person, the most important factor for authorities to consider is the maximum number of dogs which a person can control.

“The expert advice provided in the practitioners manual for dealing with irresponsible dog ownership is that this should not exceed six.

"This is supported by the results of our consultation.”

Additional rules for dog walkers in specific locations are also planned to come into force across North Somerset, but the council is planning further engagement with town and parish councils before a decision is made.

PSPOs were introduced in the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 and were first used in North Somerset in 2017.

People in breach of a PSPO could get a fixed penalty notice on the spot or through the post.

Credit: John Wimperis, Local Democracy Reporter