Drone footage shows pod of dolphins playing in Plymouth's Hooe Lake

  • Drone footage of the dolphins playing in Hooe Lake

A pod of dolphins were spotted feeding and playing at Hooe Lake in Plymouth.

Six dolphins were first seen at around 9am on Friday 8 September Hooe Lake in Plymstock.

Drone footage taken a few hours later showed four of the dolphins still there.

Excited pupils and teachers at a nearby primary school were taken on a trip to see the creatures, after receiving a call from someone at the lake.

Four classes of children from Hooe Primary School took the trip to see the creatures.

Headteacher, Kate Lewis said: "We were absolutely thrilled this morning to be told by a parent about the pod of dolphins in Hooe Lake. 

"We welcomed our lovely new Foundation children into school and once they were settled, we took the rest of the school down to the lake to see them.

"Understandably, the children were really excited; a local resident telephoned the school to say how wonderful it was to see the children so thrilled to have this opportunity.

"Parents and carers have also been in touch to say how much they appreciated the children being taken to the lake this morning with one saying 'Well done for taking them out to see the dolphins'.

"Some things aren’t taught from books and experiences like this are rare. If only every Friday morning could start in such an exciting yet peaceful way!"

Years ago, Hooe Lake was nicknamed Dolphin Lake, as dolphins would visit to feed on fish.

The Harbour Master later urged people to refrain from visiting Hooe Lake, to prevent any disturbance and distress to the dolphins.