Devon County Council vows to stop discrimination faced by young people who've grown up in care

A recent study shows 70% of people who have been in care die early. Credit: Visit Wales

Young people in Devon who have grown up in care will be given more support by the council.

Devon County Council heard from a number of ‘care leavers’ about their experiences at a council meeting. One said his teachers told him he would end up in prison.

The council vowed to do more to stop care leavers being discriminated against.

After the meeting, one care leaver said: “Today is literally a day in history for care-experienced people in Devon.

“We all did something amazing, and what we’ve done means that other young people will be able to get the opportunities they deserve.

"It means we have a second chance, an opportunity, and that is something we can all be proud of.”

Studies have shown that:

  • 70% of people who have been in care die early

  • More than half of the people in police custody up to the age of 21 have been in care

  • A quarter of the homeless population has been in care

  • Here's a recent piece from ITV News on the discrimination care leavers face

County councillors unanimously backed a motion to do more to stop discrimination against these young people.

Cllr Julian Brazil said in the meeting: “We hope the experience that some of you have had won’t be experienced by those following in your footsteps.

“You are a credit to yourselves, and a credit to Devon.”

Credit: Guy Henderson, Local Democracy Reporter