Cornwall man’s cancer mistaken as trapped wind for two years 

Ian Harris first complained of stomach pain in 2020. Credit: BPM Media

A man from Cornwall suffering with stomach pains was told it was trapped wind - but it later turned out to be bowel cancer.

Ian Harris, aged 44 and from Charlestown, first complained of stomach pain in 2020.

He said he was told to keep a diet diary and that it was probably trapped wind. 

What followed was two years of chronic pain, high blood pressure, and blood in his stool. Ian was diagnosed with bowel cancer in December 2022. 

Ian said:  "If you’re ever in doubt about any of the symptoms I have described above, please insist your doctor takes it seriously.

"Considering a scan, I can’t believe my symptoms didn’t marry up. I was just sent away again and again. They all point to bowel cancer. One of them should ring alarms, let alone all of them.”

Although surgery under the NHS removed the tumour from his bowel, Ian is now facing stage-four liver cancer which requires private treatment in Germany. 

He said: "I want to explore all my options. After lots of research by myself and my wife Kate, we were delighted that Germany could give us another lifeline."

Ian's loved ones are now raising money to get him treatment in Germany Credit: BPM Media

Ian’s friend Dan Jay is one of 30 people walking 26 miles from Bodinnick to Plymouth in October to raise money.

Dan said: "We are by no means the fittest group but have got out walking in preparation and couldn’t be prouder to do this for our inspirational mate.

"Any donations would be gratefully received to support his treatments in Germany."

Ian said: "I have had the most amazing and incredible support from all my family and friends and I certainly do not let cancer get me down.

"My message to you is, please pay close attention to yourself. Don't be afraid to visit the doctor or openly talk about any issues you might have.

"And challenge the doctor if you have questions! I wish I had done. It could save your life."