A look inside the alcohol-free pub in Weymouth that's a hit among locals

The pub has all the features of a traditional boozer, such as a television, pool table, dart board, restored jukebox, pub quizzes and board games Credit: BPM Media

An alcohol-free pub in Weymouth has quickly become a favourite among locals since its opening.

The Dry Dock in Weymouth has been open for more than a month and has seen mass support from both locals and visitors to the seaside town.

Sam Watson hopes his pub, located on St Thomas Street, offers a safe place "in the heart of the town centre".

The alcohol-free venue offers all the conventional features of a traditional pub, such as a television, pool table, dart board, restored jukebox, board games and pub quizzes every Wednesday.

But unlike a regular boozer, it is non-alcoholic wine, beer, and cider on offer, as well as soft and hot drinks.

The venue has many features of a traditional pub - and has been well-received by the community in Weymouth. Credit: BPM media

Sam is delighted by the reception his venue has received from the public.

He said: “I think all around the reaction from customers and other groups in the town has been really positive.

"I don’t think there’s been any negativity. Having a piece in the national media has been excellent and bolstered the validity of this pub as there were a few questions on whether it would work."

Sam added that despite some grumblings that the Dry Dock would be a 'glorified cafe', the site has already gathered a substantial local following.

As a recovering alcoholic, he believes that he is not alone in wanting a place to socialise where he doesn't have to worry about his health.

Sam said: "It has taken off more than I expected. The community aspect I always felt it was the biggest bit to get right and it’s doing well.“We have loads of customers coming back with great feedback and it’s working so well.”

The Dry Dock offers an extensive list of alcohol-free beers, ciders and other beverages. Credit: BPM Media.

But it is not just local people who have been spending time at the Dry Dock. In fact, some of Sam's customers have travelled hundreds of miles and now wish they could have a sober pub in their own town.

Sam said: “There were a couple of guests from Bournemouth, Bristol, Swindon and North East and all of whom said the project is amazing and they want something similar in their local area.“That is incredible. It’s like creating a legacy and amazing if other areas can do this. I want to be able to help and I want to see this sort of project in other towns.”

Sam believes the popularity of the pub is due to people wanting to drink less alcohol for their physical and mental health.

He added: “The sober revolution is upon us and we have picked the right time for that.

"It was a personal passion of mine but I am really glad I have been able to deliver it to the wider community in the way I wanted.”