Two burglars caught on CCTV crawling to avoid cameras jailed following stint of burglaries

  • Watch CCTV footage of the burglars crawling to avoid being spotted

Two burglars caught on CCTV crawling to avoid cameras have been jailed for stealing thousands of pounds in cash from businesses across Bath, Bristol and North Somerset.

Connor Moore and Joseph Nash pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit burglary following a series of break-ins and thefts targeting pubs and other companies to steal cash.

In total, they admitted to being involved in eight burglaries and two further attempted burglaries between October and December 2022.

The first theft took place on 22 October where the pair tried to force their way into a restaurant in Chew Stoke, but were unsuccessful and left empty handed.

But, an hour later they managed to get into a sports club, in south Bristol, and the pair could be seen crawling under the bar to steal money.

In the footage they are later seen attacking a CCTV camera before making off with a safe, containing a quantity of cash.

The pair later committed a burglary at a pub in Nailsea where they stole money after searching the premises.

Connor Moore (left) and Joseph Nash (right). Credit: Avon and Somerset Police

Moore and Nash continued to target other pubs and restaurants in Bath, Pensford, Bedminster, Clifton and Hanham, as well as a bakery in Backwell.

Their final burglary, on 1 December, at a hotel near Long Ashton, saw the pair disturbed and a physical altercation occurred, but they managed to flee the scene.

Moore, 28, and Nash, 36, were identified by officers through CCTV, phone work, forensics and information provided by the public. The pair were both arrested within minutes of each other on 15 December and subsequently charged.

Moore, of Crosscombe Drive in Hartcliffe, was sentenced to two-and-a-half years at Bristol Crown Court on 15 September. Nash, of Coldpark Gardens in Bishopsworth, received a jail sentence two months longer.

Detective Inspector Keith Smith said: "Two prolific and ruthless burglars have been jailed for their relentless targeting of pubs and restaurants across the force area.

"Our dedicated burglary team progressed the investigation over several weeks, attending scenes, reviewing hours of CCTV footage and following all possible lines of enquiry from information provided by the public.

"This work allowed officers to identify two possible suspects who were swiftly arrested. Searches were conducted at both of the suspects' home addresses, where crucial items of clothing were located matching what had been seen on CCTV.

"Officers were able to evidence a clear relationship between the pair and forensic evidence was used to place Moore at one of the crime scenes. This coupled with the distinctive and identifiable clothing worn by the suspects during the offences helped officers build a strong case, for which both offenders pleaded guilty.

"Many pubs and restaurants have struggled with financial issues following the Covid-19 pandemic. Moore and Nash made this situation much worse for our victims, who were left to deal with the damage and financial loss they caused.

"This result wouldn’t have been possible without the help and support of all the victims, as well as the general public who provided crucial pieces of evidence."