Ceiling collapses as house in Totnes struck by lightning in freak Devon storm

180923 ceiling collapse Devon BPM Media
The person inside the house at the time was not injured during the incident. Credit: BPM Media

A home in Devon was struck by lighting during a freak storm, causing the ceiling to collapse.

Firefighters were called to a property in Totnes at around 1.45am on Sunday 17 September as the first wave of thunderstorms swept through the region.

Heavy rain has caused serious disruption and flash flooding across parts of Devon and Somerset.

A spokesperson for the Buckfastleigh Fire Station said: "We were called along with Ashburton Fire Station to reports of a house struck by lightening in Totnes.

"The crews used two breathing apparatus to check the upstairs of the property due to a strong smell of burning.

"It was evident a large surge had gone through the house and plug sockets had blown off of the wall, light switches were effected and a lamp was shattered."

The person inside the house at the time was not injured during the incident and went to stay with neighbours.

The fire service said crews were about to leave after making sure there was no further risk of fire when they were called out to another property nearby which had been flooded in the downpour.

The spokesperson added: "We had difficulty in reaching the property due to localised flooding so two firefighters donned water safety person protective equipment and waded to the house to support the occupant.

"We utilised small tools, buckets and shovels to remove the majority of the water.

"We then installed the occupants flood defence barrier to prevent further flooding from the rain that was forecast."