Saved Falmouth leisure centre re-opens - but more money is needed to fill its pool

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A leisure centre in Falmouth which was shut down last year has opened its doors again after being rescued by a community charity.

The Ships and Castles site has been renamed Pendennis Community Centre and is once again offering a full timetable of classes and a cafe.

But the popular swimming pool is not yet up and running and trustees are asking the Government to commit more money.

The site was closed by Cornwall Council last year. Credit: ITV News

Mayor of Falmouth Cllr Kirstie Edwards said: "All these people are volunteers, it's incredible what they've achieved together and I think that is a real testament to the strength in Falmouth and how much this place means to everybody."

Last year, Cornwall Council closed the centre after the former operator said it could no longer afford the running costs.

After vocal protests, the site on the town's historic headland was sold to the town council and then taken on by the Pendennis Leisure charity.

Trustee Gemma Adams wants the Government to commit more money. Credit: ITV News

But the swimming pool is still empty and dry.

Trustee Gemma Adams said: "We want to build a sustainable pool so it will keep us going for another 40 years

"Whereas if we did have the money to open it now, it would only last for another year or so.

"The Government really does need to put some money into these facilities so that they keep on going on and on."