'I'm almost at the end of my tether' - Woman says she's forced to live in flat that rains inside

  • Will Charley reports on the shocking conditions Elizabeth Honan and her partner are living in

A frustrated couple says they've been forced to live in a leaky flat for months with nothing being done to fix the problem.

Elizabeth Honan said it "rains" inside her home whenever there is wet weather and that the issue has become so bad that her partner even received an electric shock.

The pair's two-bed apartment in Bristol has been repeatedly soaked since May due to a crack in the exterior of the building, allowing water to trickle in.

Footage shows water dripping through the ceiling and onto Elizabeth's laptop, while pots and pans collect rainwater across the room.

Elizabeth said: "Whenever it rains, whenever there's a wind that blows the rain that way, water then leaks in through the window alcove and kind of rains down in front of it on what is - or what was my desk - and then makes its way across the ceiling and down through the main light switch."

The water in Elizabeth's flat is due to a crack in the outside of the wider building - but no-one is taking responsibility for fixing it

The leak has forced the couple to abandon using the room as a bedroom or an office, with the electrics now cut off, meaning it is pitch black at night.

It follows Elizabeth's partner being 'shocked' after turning on a light in the room.

She said: "When one of the leaks happened, I think the third or fourth time, it was the middle of the night and I wasn't here.

"And my partner knew the rain was coming in, knew the leak was happening, so went to turn on the light switch to, you know, get all the pots and pans in place - and got shocked through the light switch."

The couple have had to stop using the second bedroom in their flat and they've now cut the electricity off in the room

Although Elizabeth's estate agents have replaced the carpet and repainted the ceiling since the problem began four months ago, she says the landlord has refused to actually fix the crack.

She believes both the landlord and the estate agents do not think they are responsible for the upkeep of the wider building.

Elizabeth said: "It's just the stress, and just the constant burden of having to be like: 'Do we need to come home because it's raining, do we need to put stuff in place to make sure it doesn't leak into the downstairs flat.

"I'm almost at the end of my tether with it, you know, it's having to constantly feel like you're arguing with people just to not live in damp conditions."

ITV West Country did approach Elizabeth's estate agents, Chappell and Matthews Clifton, who are in contact with her landlord, but neither responded to a request for comment.

Elizabeth now fears that as the winter looms, her home will only become more wet - unless a solution is found.

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